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ANKUR AGARWAL  ... first ever LIVE in Singapore ... 

unfair advantage online marketing class

Founder of a High Level Elite Private Mentorship And
Coaching Program for Fast track success

Founder of a Traffic Company that specialises in high conversion traffic at Wholesale price!

Own Multiple Online businesses, each channel is a million dollar business

Award winning Markter, Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, world traveller, who has a humble start like most people. He can be successful, so can you. Learn the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE now!

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Ankur Agarwal is a self-made millionaire online marketer. He is an Entrepreneur, Author, Online Marketing Coach And Has Made Millions In Network Marketing Industry. He is an Award Winning Network Marketer, Internet Marketer, Lead-Generation Specialist, Speaker & a World-Traveller.


  • He has generated over $4 MILLION dollars in revenue for himself and his clients over the last few years
  • He has trained over 50,000 internet marketing entrepreneurs
  • He shared the stages with some of the biggest internet marketing maverick’s like Scott Rewick, Carlos & Lupe Garcia, Anik Singal, Armand Morin, Saj P, Mark Anastasi, Chris Howard
  • He has won Awards together with Simon Sinek, David Bach, Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson, Mike Dillard
  • He is the most sought after coach on Traffic and Auto Sales System.


  • The KEY ONLINE SKILLS you must learn for business, sales and entrepreneurial success
  • The Online Business that you must have to succeed in any economy
  • Automated sales systems for immediate income generation
  • Generating multiple streams of income in any economy
  • Make money online to fund your dream – without banks
  • Gain an Insight into the growing India Market - A MUST-KNOW for those who wants to enter India Market for any businesses


  • Those who want success in Business, Sales and Entrepreneurialship
  • Those who want  to be in a Recession-proved business and be successful in any economy
  • Those who want to make sales online automatically using Auto Sales System.
  • Its for Employee, Boss, Manager, Supervisor and people of any industry
  • Those who want to penetrate into India Market

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Ankur achieved his goal of making 7 figures online at age 25. I am now 30, I think its not too late. I am glad I have started this journey with Ankur. I have never looked back since. I like that he shared real stuff and valuable methods that work. When I make my first online sales after 1 week of his training. The joy and excitement is something people cannot imagine. Now I am building multiple online businesses with multiple streams of income.

Teacher turned Marketer

I was coached by Ankur a few years back. He opened up mind and bring me into the online marketing world. After I left my cushy high paying corporate job in 2009, I attended training for option trading, investing and online marketing. It was online marketing that caught me. I  attended several training and found that most trainers teach old techniques that are tedious. What I like of Ankur's method is that it is SIMPLE and he uses AUTOMATION, which makes it fast for us to reach our goal. I now continue to use his Automated System to bring sales to my businesses which includes my Consultancy Business and my online wellness portabl business.

Janelle Lim
Corporate staff turned Consultant cum Marketer

I thought at age 65, I should slow down. But learning with Ankur makes life exciting and I look forward to every  morning waking up to lots of beeps pushing into my smart phone when i turned it on in the morning. Each beep is a notification of my successful online sales. I show them to my family. They are proud of me. They have no idea how simple it is. It make me look good infront of them. After the live workshop  I continue to be coached by him and i joined Ankur's group of like minded people. Today I am happy that I am learning new things every day. 

Hardy Leong
Retired turned Active Marketer

Price increase soon to $50

A chance to win LUCKY DRAW Prize

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